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Meeting our children's needs in the SCA and out
Intro - kids in SCA 
4th-May-2006 07:56 am
Hi everyone,

I just found the group and thought I would introduce myself. Im technically in the kingdom of Meredies/Shire of Thorngill, but we havent been going... we have a bunch of young roudy boys - but we look forward to getting involved once they get a bit older and less distracting to other members! ;)

That gets me thinking... It seems to be that there arnt many families with young kids involved to my knowledge in my Shire - they are all adults and a few teens. I dont even think we have an active Minister of Children becuase of the lack of children. Do any of you have recomendations on how to involve children in the SCA without compromising everyone else in our shire? The biggest reason we stoped going was because we could tell some members did not appriciate us bringing our kids. Of course, I have taken no offence and they wernt rude by any means about it - it was just a vibe. We enjoyed going the few times we went and met some nice people. I wouldnt mind getting active again to be honest.

We had thought about just going to fighter practices (sence its held at a park = room for kids to run around) untel they could handle sitting still at other activities, but for religious reasons, we cant participate in them because they are held on Sunday.

OH yeah - quick intro... Im a young APing mama to 5 kids all under the age of 9 (the youngest two are twins). Im a health nut - we homeschool, use cloth, cosleep, and all that good jazz! ;)
4th-May-2006 01:29 pm (UTC)
Howdy! Welcome to the community. It's just you and me so far. ;)

My daughter is 15 mo, so I'm not sure I have much practical advice to offer.

Have you thought about maybe trying to recruit more families into the SCA that you known through other means? Like maybe if you're in homeschool groups or playgroups and such, you might find even one or two other families who are interested, and that might help. You might end up as the de facto MoC, or maybe you'd be interested in pursuing it officially?

Another possibility, depends on your geography and how much you like your shire, but check out neighboring groups and see if you get a better vibe there.

I'm a big fan of regular SCA activities adjusted for kids, rather than inventing silly things for kids to do. Like doing illumination with watercolors, rather than coloring xeroxed Dover coloring book pages.
4th-May-2006 01:38 pm (UTC)
Well cool - Thanks for your reply - I sent the link to this LJ community to a friend of mine that I think would like it - hopefully she will join too.

Thanks for your suggestions. I talked to another homeschooling friend awhile back and she was interested at one point, but we havent talked about it again --- I need to hit her up about going with me again! Then I wouldnt be the only crazy lady with kids going. I think its great for homeschooling kids... its living history! ;)

I actually head up some homeschooling activities and I wonder about announcing the activity to my group and see if I cant get some of them to participate in the SCA that way?? Hmmm --- you got me thinking now! LOL!
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