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Meeting our children's needs in the SCA and out
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I am currently taking pre-orders for Storchenwiege Baby wraps for delivery to Mayfaire and Junefaire in AnTir! Stock is very limited, so get yours while you can - I will only have 2.7 in Inka and Ulli, 4.6 in every other colorway available at the events, so if you're looking for a different size, it will have to be pre-ordered.

For a list of colorways available:

Delivery is available to Mayfaire and Junefaire, and I am able to deliver wraps anywhere in Glymm Mere (Thurston/Mason counties, Washington) for a little transportation fee - have to feed the horse somehow!)

Here is an example of the "Albert" colorway (that's my son in the photo!):

In searching for period babywearing styles, I've come across some interesting images.

This this Rembrandt etching (c1648) shows a woman wearing something that looks like a cross between a pouch and a Mei Tai. It's a little past the SCA time frame, but I don't imagine that babywearing fashions changed considerably over a 50 year time period, considering the Asian carrier styles have been virtually unchanged for centuries. I also found some discussion about the carrier in that etching here.

Here is a list of links for Medieval images featuring slings.

This is a wonderful resource on babywearing from garb_the_child. I am loving some of these images!

In searching for info on diapering in the Elizabethan period, I found this image on several clothdiapering sites. Not sure how accurate it is, but very interesting looking! Apparently, there was an article called "The Rear End of the Story (medieval diapers, or lack thereof)" by Achsa de Beresford in Tournaments Illuminated, Winter 1998 (#125) on Medieval diapers (or, apparently, the lack thereof -- were Medieval babies EC'd?)
20th-Apr-2008 11:13 am - Is anyone still reading?
I'm getting back into the SCA after several years "off" and was thrilled to find this community. Alas, it seems to be inactive.

If you're still reading, is anyone interested in kicking this back up again?
4th-May-2006 07:56 am - Intro - kids in SCA
Hi everyone,

I just found the group and thought I would introduce myself. Im technically in the kingdom of Meredies/Shire of Thorngill, but we havent been going... we have a bunch of young roudy boys - but we look forward to getting involved once they get a bit older and less distracting to other members! ;)

That gets me thinking... It seems to be that there arnt many families with young kids involved to my knowledge in my Shire - they are all adults and a few teens. I dont even think we have an active Minister of Children becuase of the lack of children. Do any of you have recomendations on how to involve children in the SCA without compromising everyone else in our shire? The biggest reason we stoped going was because we could tell some members did not appriciate us bringing our kids. Of course, I have taken no offence and they wernt rude by any means about it - it was just a vibe. We enjoyed going the few times we went and met some nice people. I wouldnt mind getting active again to be honest.

We had thought about just going to fighter practices (sence its held at a park = room for kids to run around) untel they could handle sitting still at other activities, but for religious reasons, we cant participate in them because they are held on Sunday.

OH yeah - quick intro... Im a young APing mama to 5 kids all under the age of 9 (the youngest two are twins). Im a health nut - we homeschool, use cloth, cosleep, and all that good jazz! ;)
13th-Mar-2006 11:54 am - First Post!
Hello, welcome to the community, etc. :)
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